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“Night” was made with cool, dewy gardens in mind. Hairy brown body parts live within the digital nature-scape because I experience air and moisture within a hairy brown body. Creating this piece was an attempt to feel nourished, ecstatic, and washed with vibrant color and plant life, from behind a computer and within a struggling body. I was also thinking about breaking a digital 3rd wall. There is no doubt this piece is digital—with a flatness and visual treatment that was clearly made in the context of a screen. This pairing of aesthetic, medium, and luscious, natural, and personal content is meant to invite a subconscious dance of meaning, feeling, potential, and freedom—for myself during creation and for you during viewership. In creating the work, I tried to suspend all assumption and  all disbelief in order to sink into the world behind the screen—step into a stunning neon world of flat glowing planes and misty translucent gradients—something between our physical reality and the malleable digital world. Simply entering this mental space of abandon and possibility—through the conduit of digital color and infinite light space, feels good.


11 x 14 in. Print

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