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The Goddess of Insecurity

The Goddess of Insecurity


The Goddess of Insecurity understands. She's everything your mother told you not to be: fat, hairy, brown, emotional, horny, and honest. She is the most powerful, beloved, sensual, and feared goddess in the pantheon. The Goddess of Power, in fact, softens into a confusing mixture of sour cherry syrup and aloe jelly from even a hot caught glance.The Goddess of Insecurity feels torrential chaos inside. All the other goddesses and all their subjects do too. The entire universe and all of reality is chaos. The Goddess of Insecurity holds it all within her perfect, hated, and envied body. She scrambles eggs, folds laundry, and falls in love carrying this chaos. She steps into and out of steamy showers, her warm tummy jiggling off drops of water, black hairs bouncing slick ideas off their bristles, while dining, dancing, and dashing with a chronic viscous ooze of materialized trauma. She’s been processing for thousands of years, writing bibles of coping mechanisms and methods of liberation. She loves herself and hates herself and has mastered the witchcraft of existing in that simultaneity.Her presence can be a source of shame or a beacon of glorious truth, you choose.


Part of the series Pantheon which documents and venerates an imagined community of hairy brown goddesses in the form of large digital illustrations.


17x22 in. Print

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